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Signing agents are notaries public, who have experience and training concerning the proper execution of loan documents and are hired by mortgage companies, escrow companies, title companies, and signing services to identify loan documents, get the necessary signatures, and sometimes deliver the documents to the borrower. A signing agent is an impartial party to the transaction and must adhere to the notary laws of their state or jurisdiction. In some states of the United States where signing agents are allowed, signing agents may identify documents and can point out terms to the loan transaction. 

A signing agent, trusted professional, for the state of Maryland commissioned notary public, that performs the closing ceremony for real estate transactions, mortgage loan transactions, legal process transactions, and other similar transactions where an independent third party is requested. A signing agent should ensure that they are disinterested in the transaction and have a mutual obligation to all parties to remain objective, neutral to any position, insure awareness of document contents by the affiant and attempt to prevent fraud and protect affiants from coercion.

What The Public Can Expect When Having Documents Notarized


  • The document signer(s) requesting the notarization must appear before the Notary Public.

  • The signer must present acceptable primary identification, e.g., driver's license, state identification card or passport.  The Notary Public assesses competency and willingness of the signer.

  • The Notary Public will record the details of the notarization, e.g., date and time of the notarization, type of notarial act performed, description of the document, method of identifying the signer and obtain the signer's signature in the Notary's fair register or journal.

  • Depending upon the type of notarization performed, the Notary may witness the signer's signature, ask the document signer to acknowledge that he/she signed the document willingly or administer an oath or affirmation to the signer.  

  • The Notary completes the notary certification by dating, signing, writing the notary commission expiration date, and placing the notary seal on the document.


Title Insurance Producer Independent Contractor/NSA

Licensed TIPIC/NSA in the State of Maryland.  I can assist you with mortgage loan closings by providing loan closing services at your client's convenience.  Your clients will receive the same professional and personalized service that your staff would provide. I will ensure that your mortgage documents are properly executed and promptly returned to you.



  •  Monday through Saturday

  •  Time and location convenient for client

Coverage Area:


  • Prince George's County

  • Montgomery County

  •  Howard County

  •  Frederick County

  • St. Mary's County

  • Anne Arundel County

  • Charles County


  • In Office Notary Appointment

  • Mobile Notary Appointment

  • Same Day Mobile Notary Appointment

        Remote Notarization Services Available*

Call or email today to set up your appointment!

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